Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The new updated version of Dota for spring

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Alve has released a new changelog "Spring Clean" (Spring Cleaning) with huge changes in terms of interface and auxiliary tasks. As usual, the big update will cause a storm of public opinion in the Dota 2 world community. The focus this time is the Tower (watchtower) display range and the display of information about where the forest will spawn monsters like.
Update mới đang gây bão dư luận trong cộng đồng Dota 2
New updates are causing public opinion in the community storm Dota 2
New updates are causing public opinion in the community storm Dota 2

Thegioigamevui observed through the gaming community at home and abroad, then the critics for this update occupy quite large in the turn comment. Almost everyone has evaluated or that Dota 2 is losing his own identity and be affected from the other games. However, opinions in favor and enjoy the 2 changes also relatively quite. Gamers argument given as 2 upgrades true that gives people the feeling Dota 2 is "easy going" and the subtle loss, however, it would also reduce the barriers for newcomers play (newbie) because ever Dota 2 for the first game is always a bit difficult to access.

Some Gosu world also spoke about the upcoming changes. ixmike88 proved quite disgruntled.

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